Silver Fiber 100%, 0.01″(0.5mm) Ultra-Thin, PUBG Mobile Finger Sleeve Anti-Sweat Breathable for High-Ranking Players Mobile Game Streamer iPhone/iPad/Android Size: M(6P)


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The Birth of The Silver Fiber Finger Sleeve

All these thanks to a professional player from the PUBGM.

In November 2018, an offline professional player found us. He told us that he usually did not have sweat problems when playing games, but when he was at the crucial moment of the game, his fingers would sweat because of nervousness. If this problem can’t be solved, his career will be significantly affected. Because in the previous two games, even in crucial games, he was replaced by the coach.

He tried a lot of finger sleeves. But to the professional players, some finger cots are too thick, while some finger cots are not sensitive enough to accurately reflect the slightest movement of the fingertips. So he found us and hoped that we could customize a slim, ultra-sensitive finger cot for him, without the need for a beautiful appearance and without the need for strong sweat absorption.

The textile finger cot is more than enough for the average player, but it is not ultimate for professional players.

An ultra-thin, ultra-sensitive cloth

After two months of continued experiments, we found a thin, highly conductive cloth from more than 300 kinds of fabric – the silver fiber cloth. However, it also has fatal shortcomings. It cannot be machine-woven seamlessly and can only be hand-stitched. This led to a knot on the latest silver fiber cloth finger sleeve, which looked a bit unwanted.

But much to our surprise, this professional player was delighted with the customized silver fiber cloth finger cots.He said that the appearance of the fingertips was not essential, but the user experience should be the first. With the help of this custom-made silver fiber cloth fingertips, he achieved a good ranking in the competition.

In the following two months, we received many custom requests from many professional players and streamer from the US, CA and JAPAN.

Reduce costs, mass production

Based on the high evaluation of professional players, we also want to introduce the production of the silver fiber cloth to everyone, rather than as a private product.

The finger sleeves as a consumable, high cost not our original intention. We hope that every mobile game lover will be able to enjoy such excellent products, especially by those who are troubled by hand sweat.We moved the factory to a remote mountain village in China. Here, sewing is the skill of the villagers from generation to generation. We hired villagers to do sewing work, which enabled them to use their strengths to increase their income and greatly reduce the cost of the finger cot.

After six months, we finally bring the latest generation of silver fiber cloth to you. Perhaps it is not perfect, but it was born for the people who need it.


Continuously improve our sewing method

Each touch with the screen is smooth and seamless

As an earliest brand of making the Silver Fiber cloth to be finger sleeves, we always make efforts to it better. After we tried more than 100 sewing methods, finally we got a good touch feeling sewing mode which supports mass production. Compared to the original version, about the new version of the finger sleeves, we tied the knot smaller, and we also updated the cloth into a more anti-corrosive, durable, and elastic fabric.

In the future, we will realize knot-less sewing to get the best wearing game experience for you.

Precautions for use

1. Hand wash with neutral detergent

2. Natural air drying is best

3. Try to keep it sealed





right way

right way

Design to prevent loosening

In order to solve the problem that the finger sleeves are easy to become loose after using it for a period of time, we have increased the length of the finger sleeves to make the sense of oneness stronger, to make the force of the finger more even. Any fabric will become loose after multiple use, we Momofly fix the finger sleeve by rolling up its fringe and that can effectively extend its service life.

More durable fabric

Momofly’s exclusive customized silver Fabric cloth has multiple anti-corrosion processes. After 12 hours high intensity use, some finger sleeves which were made of ordinary silver fiber cloth became yellow and ulcerated, while momofly’s finger sleeves are still new and intact.One is better than three

Remarks: Each day in the process of six hours continuous use when play pubgm, your hands will be sweaty.

Proper wearing

Please adjust the wrinkled part to the nail when wearing it. Because there are no tactile nerves on the nails, and the fabric itself is very thin and soft, there will be no obvious foreign body sensation.




Sensitivity: For most players, you may not feel the difference in sensitivity. Only after reaching a relatively high level can you feel this subtle difference. If you are at a higher level and want to break through the bottleneck, we recommend you Choose Silver Fiber 100% finger sleeve.

Friction: The friction is related to the type of tempered film and the oleophobic layer. Generally speaking, the thinner the finger cot is, the closer the friction is to the bare finger, so if you don’t like too slippery finger cots, we suggest you choose Silver Fiber 100% finger cots or carbon fiber finger cots

More balanced finger cots: Silver Fiber 60% finger cots and Silver Fiber 50%

Thinner finger cots: carbon fiber finger cot and Silver Fiber 100% finger cots

Finger cots used by professional players: Silver Fiber 100% finger cots

hand sewing2.0>hand sewing1.0



Ultra-sensitive and ultra-thin professional players’ choice

Anti-dislodging design


Ultra-thin, quick-drying, super comfortable

Ultra-thin, quick-drying, super comfortable

Purely Hand-Sewn,Ultra-sensitive and ultra-thin professional players’ choice

【Silver fiber 100% coverage】The surface is completely covered with silver fiber, and the finger sleeve has ultra-high sensitivity everywhere. It can accurately restore your sliding every micron, every click, no mistakes, help you break through the current bottleneck.
【Hand-stitching】 This finger sleeve is made by hand-stitching sterling silver fiber cloth. There may be a slight difference in the appearance of each finger cot. The disadvantage is that there is a flaw directly above the fingernail, but it does not affect the use; the advantage is that it fits the finger very well.
【Just like without a finger cot】The silver fiber material we use is not only ultra-thin and ultra-sensitive, but its friction coefficient is close to the friction between the finger and the screen. Not too slippery like a textile finger sleeve
【Silver Fiber Fabric】 The fingertips made of silver fiber fabric are cooler and more comfortable than other rubber and cotton finger sleeves. Thanks to its ultra-thin thickness, you won’t feel stuffy even on a hot summer day.
【Note】① ultra-thin, Excessive sweat can affect his performance, so this finger sleeve is not suitable for people with hyperhidrosis. ② Its elasticity is not as good as the textile finger. If your finger is thick, I suggest you buy a textile finger. ③ The surface is covered with silver ions, After a period of use, it will be blackened by oxidation

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Silver Fiber 100%, 0.01″(0.5mm) Ultra-Thin, PUBG Mobile Finger Sleeve Anti-Sweat Breathable for High-Ranking Players Mobile Game Streamer iPhone/iPad/Android Size: M(6P)
Silver Fiber 100%, 0.01″(0.5mm) Ultra-Thin, PUBG Mobile Finger Sleeve Anti-Sweat Breathable for High-Ranking Players Mobile Game Streamer iPhone/iPad/Android Size: M(6P)


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